• Upgrade Your Mind

    Get the health, happiness, inner peace, and success in all goals by rewiring your brain's neural pathways through hypnosis, affirmations, guided meditation.

  • 1000 Affirmations:

    Manifest Money

    Long play money manifesting.

    Hypnosis: Money Flows to You

    Hypnotize yourself to attract money.

    Affirmations: Win the Lottery

    Increase your chances of winning though the law of attraction.

    Hypnosis:Money Magnet

    Hypnotize yourself to be a money magnet.

    500 Affirmations for Success: Rapid Mind Training

    Be a success

    Hypnosis: You are a Billionaire

    Deep Trance: Billionaire Inception

    Hypnosis: Increase Trading Gains. Trading Zone. Win in Stock Market. Forex.

    Affiramations:Attract Dream Job

    Stay in the Now

    Be in the present moment.

    Healing in Extremely Deep Trance. Hypnosis With Energy Healing.

    Hypnosis: Epigenetic Self-Healing. Activate Genes for Perfect Health

    Hyponsis: 1 Hour Pain Killer. Tranqulizer

    Hypnosis: Immune System Boost. Self-Heal All Disease.

    380 Healing Affirmations: Rapid Mind Training

    Hyponsis:Manifest and Magnetize your Soul Mate

    400 Affirmations for Approaching Women and Dating Confidence

    Hypnosis: Attract *the right* Men

    400 Affirmations for Self Esteem and Confidence. Rapid Mind Training

    Enlightened Journey Meditation

    Complete Enlightenment. Overcome Blockages. Guided Meditation

    Hypnosis: Stop Eating for One Day. 24 Hour Fasting Hypnosis

    Affirmations: Forgive Yourself and Others

    For Christian Themed 

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  • Not on Youtube/Exclusive.

    Grow your Investments Wealth

    Make Money with Stocks/Crypto/etc.

    Attract money while you listen, as your investments increase in value due to your mental imaging.

    Cancer Healing Journey

    Deep trance

    Go deep into your deep subconscious mind to create a healthy reality

    Hypnotic Immunotherapy for Cancer Healing

    Erase cancer cells.

    Guided imagery of your immune system completely defeating and erasing all cancer cells.

  • Guided Imagery: Aura, Energy body, and Psyche, Full Cleanse

    This is a 5 in one guided imagery to clean yourself from negative energy proceeding from people, spirit attachments, blockages in aura, chakra imbalance. Its a good to regularly take out the trash of psychic and energetic baggage. You will immediately feel lighter, better, and able to purse your goals. . Only $49

    Hypnosis/LIVE SESSION--Extremely Relaxing Therapy

    Online Guided Meditation via Zoom/Skype, Messenger with YouTube Trigram Healing famous hypnotherapist. This is specifically for You can choose a topic to give yourself a special message while in that deep state, a goal, a new behavior, like "inception" Seed your mind while in a very deep state. Special introductory price $79 , includes a full, long, hypnosis session. After you click order, we will email you to organize a suitable time.



    Multi Session Good Client Package--4 sessions $198

    Heal a disease? Become a better more successful xyz? Stop a habit? Root out blockages?. We can offer relaxing direct suggestion hypnosis, regression hypnosis, NLP, energy healing, EMDR. Save money by booking in advance, knowing that there is a lot of work that can be done, and options to explore. Each personalize session via Zoom or Skype. .

    Personal full healing themed live hypnosis session with Hypnotherapist. Fully Enlist your mind to Heal Faster. Includes free 15 minute diagnostic session, script writing and hypnosis session.

    The meditation directs your consciousness to think positively about your health issue-- instead of fear or avoidance, we program health, confidence, optimism. This offer is for only healing themed sessions. We discuss your issue, then I build a guided session tailor made for you specifically. Zoom, Skype.


    Personal Live Session: Manifest SUCCESS and Your PERSONAL GOALS.

    Personalized Law of Attraction themed hypnosis session to manifest abundance, letting loose your full potential in your field,. Hypnosis session helps you to create, manifest, think better and bigger about your personal direction. $79 price include pre-hypnosis information gathering session. Simply order the session, and we will contact you by email to arrange a time on Zoom.

  • For more that 15 years, I have specialized in Hypnosis for motivation and learning, as well as Energy Healing.

    Currently I am working on a book and training course for Online Hypnosis. Please enjoy all the free sessions on YouTube.


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