• Upgrade Your Mind

    Get the health, happiness, inner peace, and success in all goals by rewiring your brain's neural pathways through hypnosis, affirmations, guided meditation.

  • 1000 Affirmations:

    Manifest Money

    Long play money manifesting.

    Hypnosis: Money Flows to You

    Hypnotize yourself to attract money.

    Affirmations: Win the Lottery

    Increase your chances of winning though the law of attraction.

    Hypnosis:Money Magnet

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    Hypnotize yourself to be a money magnet.

    500 Affirmations for Success: Rapid Mind Training

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    Hypnosis: You are a Billionaire

    Deep Trance: Billionaire Inception

    Hypnosis: Increase Trading Gains. Trading Zone. Win in Stock Market. Forex.

    Affiramations:Attract Dream Job

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    Healing in Extremely Deep Trance. Hypnosis With Energy Healing.

    Hypnosis: Epigenetic Self-Healing. Activate Genes for Perfect Health

    Hyponsis: 1 Hour Pain Killer. Tranqulizer

    Hypnosis: Immune System Boost. Self-Heal All Disease.

    380 Healing Affirmations: Rapid Mind Training

    Hyponsis:Manifest and Magnetize your Soul Mate

    400 Affirmations for Approaching Women and Dating Confidence

    Hypnosis: Attract *the right* Men

    400 Affirmations for Self Esteem and Confidence. Rapid Mind Training

    Enlightened Journey Meditation

    Complete Enlightenment. Overcome Blockages. Guided Meditation

    Hypnosis: Stop Eating for One Day. 24 Hour Fasting Hypnosis

    Affirmations: Forgive Yourself and Others

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  • For more that 15 years, I have specialized in Hypnosis for motivation and learning, as well as Energy Healing.

    Currently I am working on a book and training course for Online Hypnosis. Please enjoy all the free sessions on YouTube.


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